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Demonstrators took up position Friday in front of the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles to protest what they decried as inhumane immigration policies. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Two major fools.
House GOP members have repeatedly characterized the indictment as a politicized effort to stop Trump from ousting President Biden in 2024. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Bragg is a loser.
“Alvin Bragg’s political prosecution is going to make President Trump stronger," former GOP congressman and New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin told The Post. New York Post
VOA VIEW: The indictment will guarantee a Trump victory.


Hunter Biden is back in the Big Apple as his newest work will be featured in a New York show alongside some of the art world's renowned abstract painters. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Hunter's art is a joke.
With an eye on a possible conflict over Taiwan, analysts have scrutinized the war for insights ranging from the importance of supply lines to the power of nuclear threats. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Xi should be smart enough not to fall in the same trap Putin is in.
Biden could soon find himself in the cross hairs of politically motivated suits from local prosecutors eager to make names for themselves. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Biden is now in a big mess.
A ruling by a federal judge this week could set up yet another Supreme Court challenge to the Obamacare health law. New York Times
New Labor Department numbers indicate that fewer Americans worked remotely last year. But many experts criticize the government’s data collection. New York Times
VOA VIEW: They have no clue.
Beat the rush for the latest in smartphone tech by pre-ordering the new Samsung Galaxy A54 caller with this limited-time offer.       USA Today


Control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and likely the future of abortion access, Republican-drawn legislative maps and years of GOP policies in the key swing state rests with the outcome an election Tuesday that has seen record campaign spending. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It will soon be known.
Homeland Security's legal immigration agency will now allow applicants to select a gender of their choice without having to provide supporting documentation that matches. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: This is madness.
Former President Donald Trump is preparing to deliver a message to the MAGA movement when he appears for arraignment in New York on Tuesday, the Washington Times has learned. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Count on in and hopefully Trump will not sound arrogant.
The U.S. failed to evaluate the harm of lost learning versus the coronavirus when it closed schools during the pandemic and fell behind Europe in getting children back into the classroom even as leaders tried to reopen bars and gyms, experts told House investigators this week. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden, Dems and unions are at fault for school closures.

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Former President Donald Trump's campaign raised more than $4 million in the 24 hours following Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's indictment of Mr. Trump, the campaign said Friday night. Washington Times
President Biden marked Trans Day of Visibility by condemning "violence" and "attacks" against transgender people, sticking to the Democratic Party narrative without mentioning the recent deadly school shooting by a woman who identified as a man. Washington Times
The judge overseeing Dominion Voting Systems' defamation suit against Fox News ruled Friday that the case will go to trial, rebuffing efforts by Fox to have it dismissed. ABC
VOA VIEW: A foolish ruling.


Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman has left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after six weeks of inpatient treatment for clinical depression, with plans to return to the Senate in mid-April ABC
VOA VIEW: Fetterman is a waste.
Social Security is expected to run short of the funds needed to pay 100% of benefits in roughly a decade, a new report showed. ABC
VOA VIEW: Thank Biden.
Former President Donald Trump's indictment may present an untested legal challenge if prosecutors try to charge him with campaign finance law violations in state court. ABC
VOA VIEW: A political game that will backfire on Dems.
An estimated 15 million Americans are about to lose Medicaid coverage due to government protections that are set to expire Friday. CBS
Criminal charges filed against the former president could further tarnish the Trump Organization's reputation, experts say. CBS
VOA VIEW: There will be little effect.

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Former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow John Sullivan warned that Evan Gershkovich, who was arrested on espionage charges, faces a tough fight ahead. CBS
The watchdog for the Government Publishing Office said 1,900 Social Security numbers were published in error as part of the Jan. 6 House select committee's final report. CBS
VOA VIEW: Payback is bad for Biden.
Donald Trump's campaign turned to Facebook to raise money off his indictment in New York as he rages against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Bragg is a liberal lowlife.

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Former President Donald Trump is expected to be arraigned next week in New York on a grand jury indictment charging him with document fraud. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Trump will prevail.
Millions of EVs are expected to hit the roads by 2030, but what happens to old EV batteries? Here's how EV batteries can be given a second life. CNBC
People know they're supposed to tip at hotels, but a lack of cash and understanding of etiquette means they often don't. CNBC
For Financial Literacy Month, try this 30-day challenge to help boost your savings, tackle your debt, and get smarter with your money. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Don't believe all you read.
The personal consumption expenditures price index excluding food and energy was expected to rise 0.4% in February. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The Fed has a poor track record.
Funding for the IRS has been squeezed for the past 10 years, which has correlated with a decline in audit rates across all tax brackets. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Most would be smart not to cheat.
Europe learned its lessons after the financial crisis and is now in a strong position to weather further stress in its banking system, several economists and policymakers say. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Don't trust or believe in so-called economists and policymakers.
Presidential historian Tim Naftali discusses Ivanka Trump's statement about her dad, former President Donald Trump, being indicted by a Manhattan grand jury. CNN
Border agents uncovered an human smuggling incident that included 58 migrants crammed in a Penske truck and arrested the driver, who will face federal charges FOX News
VOA VIEW: Madness!
After an outbreak of tornadoes on Friday night in multiple states across the U.S., severe weather was forecast to continue through the weekend. Wind warnings were in effect. FOX News
Ukrainian authorities said Saturday they are investigating the leader of the country's most important monastery for allegedly seeking to justify Russia's invasion. UPI
Russia took over the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council Saturday as Ukraine's foreign minister blasted the move as "a bad joke." UPI
VOA VIEW: It is a joke.
The Biden Administration on Friday said that it would appeal a ruling by a Texas federal judge that struck down a mandate of the Affordable Care Act requiring private health insurance plans to cover preventive care. UPI
VOA VIEW: The appeal should fail.
The "Rust" assistant director who handled the gun that killed a cinematographer, pleaded no contest on Friday to a misdemeanor charge of negligent use of a deadly weapon. UPI
U.S. President Joe Biden marked Friday's Transgender Day of Visibility by calling attacks against the transgender community "un-American." UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden is the real un-American.

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April 01, 2023

    I changed today's Commentary in order to report this very important breaking news.  This information is so incredible, most in the media are reluctant to report the information until there is more official confirmation.  That should happen within hours.

     Under conditions of anonymity, informed sources within the White House have reported that President Biden,  has lost all his cognizance and mental stability.   He can't remember the date and that he is the president.

     Vice-President Harris, is about ready to take over as President.

     The most important matter that has not been disclosed, is "April Fool."  However, it may not be so farfetched.