President Biden on Saturday formally recognized as a genocide the killing of more than 1 million Armenians starting in 1915. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Biden is different, to say the least.
Forget taking a knee or raising your first. Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics this summer will be prohibited from making political protests, as the International Olympic Committee announced this week it was upholding Rule 50 of its charter.   The IOC went through a long process deciding whether or not athletes could protest. “No kind... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Protestors should be ousted and if they win any medal, they should be stripped of the medal.
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government is making its toughest efforts yet to crush the opposition led by imprisoned dissident Alexei Navalny. Russian officials will conduct a closed-door hearing using state-secret evidence on Monday that could declare Navalny’s political group and Anti-Corruption Foundation extremist organizations, according to reports out of Moscow. If prosecutors win the arguments,... New York Post


LeBron James is mocking the Ohio-based bar owner who wants the NBA superstar kicked out of the league for his social activism. “If anyone wants to watch an NBA game, don’t come to Linnie’s Pub,” Jan Linneman, owner of Linnie’s Pub in Cincinnati, wrote on Facebook, according to multiple outlets. New York Post
VOA VIEW: James has made a foolish gesture.
While millions of people struggled to make ends meet, many of the companies hit hardest in 2020 showered their executives with riches. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Madness!
After the Trump presidency, democracy activists and many Democrats seized a moment to rebuild constitutional guardrails, but the effort could die in the face of a larger fight over voting rights. New York Times
The president’s plans to cut emissions in half by 2030 relies heavily on a government effort to steer the development of new industries, but business leaders are fretting over the rapid timeline. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Biden is an idiot.
If the industry won’t change on principle, it can at least change for the money. Reform would enrich people of color, and everyone else. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Liberal stupidity.
Federal health officials said Johnson & Johnson's COVID vaccine is critical to fight the pandemic, ending an 11-day pause on its use.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: J&J has been stained.


The Internal Revenue Service is holding 29 million returns for manual processing, contributing to longer refund delays for many Americans.      USA Today
A Harvard-educated Texas Democratic lawmaker drew double-takes for declaring at a hearing that there are six sexes, prompting a rebuke from skeptics who said his count was off by four. Texas state Rep. James Talarico made his pronouncement prior to public testimony Tuesday before the Public Education Committee on House ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Foolish statement.
A North Carolina sheriff whose deputies shot and killed a Black man while serving warrants said Saturday that he will ask a court to release body camera video as soon as he's confident it won't compromise an investigation into how the shooting happened. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Time will show the truth.
A longtime member of the North Carolina Democratic Party's state executive committee has been rebuked after he accused a U.S. Senate candidate of exaggerating the number of Black people killed in American history. Former state Sen. Erica Smith, a Democrat who is seeking to become North ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The race situation is causing a national crises.

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A Virginia prosecutor has ruled that two Chesterfield County police officers were legally justified in using lethal force to defend themselves in separate shootings after standoffs with two suspects, one of whom was killed. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Chesterfield Commonwealth’s Attorney Stacey Davenport issued her Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The truth is the truth.
A Kansas man who once threatened to storm a local courthouse and shoot officers is again the subject of controversy after wearing a “white lives matter” COVID-19 mask when he was sworn in as a student senator at Wichita State University. Sam McCrory, 27 Washington Times
Strong tornadoes will be possible in southern Alabama and southern Georgia. ABC
VOA VIEW: A long winter.


Alabama is the latest conservative state to ban transgender girls from playing on female public school sports teams ABC
VOA VIEW: Your born gender must compare.
Andrew Brown Jr. was fatally shot by law enforcement in North Carolina this week. The family of Andrew Brown Jr., a 42-year-old Black man who was fatally shot by law enforcement this week, held a press conference in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, on Saturday. Authorities have said that Brown was shot and killed while deputies were serving warrants. Few details are known about the shooting, but an eyewitness said that deputies fired shots at Brown as he attempted to drive away from the scene. CBS
VOA VIEW: Evil is evil.
Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died late Friday night at 90 years of age. He had been declining in health for a decade. A cause of death was not announced. Cuba is in shock but in Miami, hundreds of Cubans who fled the Castro regime celebrated his death. Castro led a rebel army to victory in 1959 and built a Soviet-style communist government in Cuba. He also pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war. CBS
President Xi Jinping is negotiating trade and investment agreements around the world, but the U.S. has grown allergic to such deals. CNBC
VOA VIEW: China is trying and so far succeeding trying to be number one.
While the biggest media companies reorganized around streaming in the past 12 months, broadcast station groups are also planning their futures. CNBC

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In an update to its list of global Travel Advisories, the U.S. State Department downgraded more than 100 countries to its most restrictive Level 4 category. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden will do everything possible to keep the US down.
• What to know about the mass killings a century ago • How Turkey responded to Biden's acknowledgement of Armenian Genocide CNN
After a year that didn't go as planned for anyone, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell, aka the "MyPillow Guy," are among the winners -- if you can call them that -- of the 41st Golden Raspberry Awards, which are handed out to the worst in cinema every year. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN liberal propaganda.

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"Tucker Carlson Originals" launched on Fox Nation Friday with a jaw-dropping episode, "Chicago in Crisis," that showed how the Left’s policies have led to a crime spike in Chicago.  FOX News
VOA VIEW: It will be interesting.
The U.S. government is actually gearing up to share information about the "reality" of UFOs with the public — and not a moment too soon, says the man who claims to have run the Pentagon’s UFO program for 9 years. FOX News
VOA VIEW: What will be told and how believable will it be?
Police in Portland, Oregon, declared a riot in the northwest part of the city late Friday night after rioters began smashing windows, tagging graffiti on buildings and broke into a restaurant. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Portland will look more radicle.
Authorities in Chicago on Friday released graphic video footage from a March 25 shooting in the city’s Brighton Park neighborhood that left a suspect dead and a police officer wounded. FOX News
Rioters pulled barricades and overturned trash cans in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Friday night, prompting authorities to declare an unlawful assembly, according to a report. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The country is getting too unruly.
The Department of Defense has ordered long-range bombers and the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier to help provide security for U.S. troops as the United States withdraws from Afghanistan. UPI
VOA VIEW: The US must walk out strong.
Southeast Asian leaders said Saturday that they have reached an agreement to end violence in Myanmar after meeting with the military junta chief. UPI
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed a bill that bans transgender public school students from playing on sports teams that fit their gender identity. UPI
VOA VIEW: The only way it should be.

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