Will inflation and energy woes crack Western unity over Ukraine? Putin likely hopes so. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Wishful thinking.
Newly released photos of Kim Jong Un as a baby-faced youngster offer a rare glimpse into his adolescent years before he became a full-blown bloodthirsty despot. New York Post
Legal documents stated that 18-year-old Xavier Musk is petitioning to change her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson and that she no longer wishes to be "related" to her "biological father." New York Post
VOA VIEW: Not a very smart daughter.


The proxy war between Mayor Eric Adams and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over control of New York's Democratic Party has bled into Brooklyn. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Adams will look bad if foolish AOC bests him.
The US Army has introduced Critical Race Theory to West Point cadets, new documents show, according to Fox News Digital. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden madness.
Moscow says the Americans who fought for Ukraine are not regular soldiers who would be covered by the Geneva Conventions, calling their conduct criminal. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Russia is making a major mistake.
Here are answers to five common questions. New York Times
The attorney general will have to make three decisions, each more difficult than the previous, and none of which has an obvious answer. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Garland will look more foolish than he is.
Here’s what the results may mean for you. New York Times


Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's adviser said on Monday that Ukraine is under threat of a new Russian attack of large proportions.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Some high-powered munitions could take out the ships.
Virginia and D.C. will hold primary elections on Tuesday. In Alabama and Georgia, runoff elections for key Congressional races that will test Trump.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Strong Republicans should prevail.
High gas prices are straining Americans' wallets. Joe Biden's energy policies are not helping to address our needs.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: All the ills of the US are on Biden.
An ABC News/Ipsos poll found that 60% of those surveyed say the Jan. 6 committee is "conducting a fair and impartial investigation."       USA Today
VOA VIEW: A phony ABC poll.

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Brad Raffensperger, Georgia's Republican Secretary of State who went toe-to-toe with President Donald Trump over stolen election claims just days before the Capitol riot, is slated to testify Tuesday before the House Jan. 6 committee. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: An anti-Trump liberal one-sided show.
West Point cadets have been taught that "whiteness" connotes "race privilege" and "structural advantage" as part of instructions based on critical race theory, according to newly revealed documents and course materials from the military academy. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: This is Biden stupidity.
The Biden administration has been quietly packing the nation's immigration courts, ousting Trump-appointed judges and installing judges deemed to be friendlier to the immigrants whose cases they hear, in what one Justice Department official called an "unprecedented" injection of politics into the courts. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden and Dems are trying to change the US.


Starting July 1, the sale of ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds will be banned in Washington state. Importing, manufacturing and distributing them will be outlawed, too. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Totally unconstitutional.
Israel’s weakened coalition government has announced that it will dissolve parliament and call new elections ABC
VOA VIEW: Five times in three years.
China says it has successfully conducted a midcourse missile interception test. ABC
VOA VIEW: China maybe telling the truth, and maybe not.
President Joe Biden said Monday he could make a decision as soon as this week on whether to support Congress instituting a pause on the federal gas tax of 18.4 cents ABC
VOA VIEW: Its rhetoric.
Texas Republicans also called for the state to hold a referendum on whether to "reassert its status as an independent nation." CBS
VOA VIEW: A good point.

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Each of the two GOP candidates in Alabama's U.S. Senate primary runoff Tuesday can say they at one point had Trump's endorsement in the race. CBS
VOA VIEW: The woman has the best chance with Trump's endorsement.
The U.S. last year resettled tens of thousands of Afghans following the Taliban takeover. But it left behind many at-risk Afghans, including family members of U.S. military translators. CBS
VOA VIEW: A Biden fiasco.
Former President Trump and his vice president, Mike Pence, continue to openly feud about whether Pence had the right to reject the 2020 election results. What does the split tell us about divides in the GOP? Chief election and campaign correspondent Robert Costa has more. CBS
VOA VIEW: Leftwing garbage.

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AAA says national average for regular now at $4.98, down from $5 on Friday, as the price of crude oil sinks. CBS
Millions of babies, toddlers and preschoolers are now eligible to be vaccinated for COVID-19 after the Centers for Disease Control and the FDA have authorized COVID-19 vaccines for children as young as 6 months old. They're the last age group to become eligible more than two years into the pandemic. Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House COVID-19 response coordinator, joins "CBS Mornings" to discuss. CBS
VOA VIEW: Don't depend on a miracle for the young.
Lt. Gen. Richard Clark made history as the first Black superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy when he was appointed to the position in 2020. He joins "CBS Mornings" to discuss his experience and the importance of diversity in the armed forces plus how the academy trains cadets for a changing combat landscape. CBS
Germany says it will compensate for a cut in Russian gas supply by increasing the burning of coal — the most carbon-intensive fossil fuel in terms of emissions. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Germany is fighting Russia.
There are not nearly enough electric vehicle charging stations today. GM, Ford and Tesla are taking a variety of approaches to the problem. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The US and world are not ready for EV.
French President Emmanuel Macron's second term in office just got a lot more complicated. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Macron is an idiot.
The Chinese president will have to correct course if he is to restore economic growth at home, revive his international momentum and avoid "Peak Xi." CNBC
VOA VIEW: Xi must not push Russia.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said the Biden administration is lying about his state ordering COVID vaccines for young children, and the media played along FOX News
VOA VIEW: DeSantis is being truthful
U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested a U.S. citizen Wednesday after finding three packages of methamphetamine worth $60,000 hidden inside child booster seats. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Madness!
A new law restricting imports from China's western Xinjiang Province goes into effect on Tuesday, giving U.S. customs officials broad authority to stop goods linked to forced labor of the Uighur minority. UPI
Russia captured a key suburb of Severodonetsk on Monday and appeared to make another run at Ukraine's second-largest city, Kharkiv, with a new round of shelling, officials said. UPI
VOA VIEW: Russia will pay dearly.

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