The House Committee on Education and the Workforce has launched an investigation into the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after testimony from the schools' presidents on antisemitism on campus. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Good - they will find incompetence and antisemitism.
Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon have been put on notice by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to initiate war with the Jewish State unless they want Beirut to resemble Gaza. Hezbollah has fired dozens of rockets and missiles into northern Israel. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: A warning that would be wise to adhere.
When asked this week about Hanukkah - which starts at midnight Friday - White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre equivocated her concerns of Islamophobia, a pivot that raised some eyebrows. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: It started Thursday night and a pitiful response.


House Republicans on Thursday put forth a resolution to authorize litigation against two Department of Justice tax division staffers who have been blocked from answering subpoenas to appear before the Judiciary Committee. Newsmax
After the firing of Tucker Carlson and the network's effort to stop Donald Trump - Fox News has seen its ratings plummet.At the same time Newsmax is seeing its ratings soar! Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Fox would be wise to remember what made them grow.
Wednesday's Republican presidential debate, the fourth of the year, was by far the best, a group of experts who spoke to Newsmax agreed. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: As he should.
House Republicans on Thursday led the votes against a Biden administration student loan repayment option allowing loan forgiveness based on family size and income and allowing loan forgiveness for borrowers earning less than $15 an hour. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Needed!
The allegations add another headache for TikTok, which has faced renewed calls from Republican lawmakers for an outright ban. New York Post
VOA VIEW: TIKTOK should be abolished.
In an effort to delay the former president’s federal trial on charges of trying to overturn the election, his lawyers asked for a pause while they challenge the ruling that he is not immune from prosecution. New York Times
VOA VIEW: It's a joke.


The government in Kyiv remains hopeful of further American assistance, but it is also looking to other resources — and trying to make clear what could be at stake. New York Times
VOA VIEW: It's in Biden's hands.
Former President Donald Trump says that no matter what the evidence shows in his civil fraud trial in New York, the judge will rule against him. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The judge is a joke.
One of the largest labor organizations in the United States petitioned the federal government Thursday to wrest workplace safety oversight from South Carolina regulators accused of failing to protect service employees. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The labor union is out for their own gain.
The three leaders of some of the country's most prestigious colleges continue to face backlash after appearing on Capitol Hill to answer questions about antisemitism on their campuses. CBS
VOA VIEW: They should be fired.

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Democrats in the Senate have made several attempts over the past month to inject some urgency into the gun control fight. CBS
VOA VIEW: As they should.
The vote was largely along party lines, with three Democrats voting to censure the New York Democrat. CBS
The Justice Department accused Russia-based hackers of targeting U.S. intelligence officials as part of an international spear phishing campaign. CBS
VOA VIEW: They should be properly sanctioned and charged.


A Nevada grand jury has indicted six Republicans who submitted certificates to Congress falsely declaring Donald Trump the winner of the 2020 presidential election, making the Western swing state the third to seek charges against so-called "fake electors.". CBS
VOA VIEW: Indicted is not convicted.
The Biden administration unveiled a new framework outlining the factors federal agencies should consider in determining whether to use march-in rights. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden is trying to be a dictator.
California metro regions ranked as the least-affordable areas, while Midwest metros were the most affordable, Redfin said in a new report. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Thanks to Biden.
The digital codes have become popular. But thieves are also using them to steal your personal data, the Federal Trade Commission warned. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Those involved should be indicted.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve exa-cel for sickle cell disease in what would become the first marketed medicine to use CRISPR. CNBC

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In a dramatic move, Guterres wrote to members of the Security Council and urged them to collectively call for a full humanitarian cease-fire. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Israel should send him to hell.
A co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said during a Nov. 24 speech that he was "happy" to witness the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks against Israel. FOX News
VOA VIEW: CAIR director is an idiot.
The U.S. Coast Guard has promised reforms following an internal review prompted by reports of sexual assault. The review concluded that its members do not feel safe. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Many of the alleged assaults are bogus.

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Columbia University said a student event justifying Hamas' October 7 attack as a "Palestinian counteroffensive" happened without permission and is under review. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The students involved should be expelled.
The Republican National Committee -- and some embattled state parties -- are dragging behind previous election cycles in fundraising weeks before the first primary voting for president in 2024. UPI
The United States on Thursday commemorated the 82nd anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, with solemn ceremonies and events planned in Hawaii and elsewhere. UPI
VOA VIEW: As they should.
Candidates sounded off on each other and on the one candidate not in attendance during the fourth Republican primary debate on Wednesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: A foolish waste of time.
Senate Republicans have blocked a procedural vote to advance President Joe Biden's emergency bill to fund the defenses of Ukraine and other allies as they fight for inclusion of greater domestic border policy changes. UPI
New U.S. jobless claims were up by a thousand in the week ending Dec. 2, to a seasonally adjusted 220,000 according to a Thursday Department of Labor report. UPI
VOA VIEW: It shows inflation is far from over.

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